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3-play Flat Mask machine


3-play Flat Mask machine

The lapping machine is single-sided precision lapping and polishing machine. The workpiece and the lapping plate do relative friction motion to achieve the purpose of lapping and polishing the workpiece.

a) Full-obturated production design in accordance with certifications . Online setting and after-sale service available.
b) Dust-free production design,higher sanitation level
c) Low failure rate, easy operating, minimum space occupation, available for air transport.
d) In accordance with the safety certification in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Middle East Etc.
e) In normal cases, machine installation, commissioning and maintenance will be done remotely through Longyue’s SmartLitesystem.

In accordance with the safety certification in Europe, US, Japan, Korea, Australia, Middle East. etc.

Production capacity 生产效率 80 (+/-10)pieces/min. 每分钟80只 +/-10只
Working principle 控制原理 Servo control 总线控制
Operating mode 操作方式 Full automatic 全自动
Air consumption 气源需求 约Approx. 0.6m3/min
Power consumption 总功率 5Kw
Voltage 电压 3AC 347-600V, 60Hz
Input current 输入电流 40A
Cable section 输入电缆 3*10mm2+2*6mm2
Working Temperature 工作温度 +5oC-+35oC
Weight 重量 约Approx. 1100kg
Fabric roll 布料卷数 3 rolls 三卷
Fabric width 布料宽度 130-250mm
Inner dia. of fabric roll 布辊内径 最小Min. 76mm
Outer dia. of fabric roll 布辊外径 最大Max. 550mm
Mask size for kids 儿童口罩尺寸 140*90mm
Mask size for Adult 成年人口罩尺寸 175x95mm