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LOCATIONNo.5 Ruifa Road, Guangzhou, China
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Mask machine

Unique Patented Technology:

1.It is an installation-free version that can be operatedeasily without the hands of engineers. What’s more, our new patented technology eliminates the long adjusting and testing procedure, which is much more user-friendly and time-saving for the factory workers.


2.These Artificial Intelligence models allow the factoryworker to monitor a few of them at the same time.Cloud Storage Function has been also applied to ournew intelligence model that allows our customers tomonitor the production process at anytime and anywhere.


3. The latest model equipped with its own dust-free workshop without our customers’ large capital investments on the factory infrastructure. Moreover, since our customers come from all over the world, our latest version mask production machine meets the Safety Guidelines and Hygienic Standards of all the countries and it is not only suitable for airfreight but also takes only very limited space of 7 square meters.